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What does it take to build a live streaming mobile app?

mobile application development Dubai

Since the advent of more advanced mobile app development Dubai, there has been a surge in live streaming features and applications. People from all over the world love to keep up with the lives and activities of their favorite activities which is why celebs use live streaming features to keep people updates. Moreover, live streaming applications are now gaining momentum in the field of sports as well. People from all around the globe want to keep up with their favorite teams and their goals hence they are always on the hunt for credible sources to live stream sports matches and updates in order to enjoy sports seamlessly.

Here is what it will take you to build a live streaming mobile app that will attract the masses and will stand out from the rest:

The types of mobile app development Dubai and the kinds of live streaming apps:

  • Live broadcasting apps: these apps are one of the most popular for mobile app development Dubai. The main thing you can do with these apps is that you can view videos in real time and also watch them recorded. The most popular apps that are known for live streaming widely include Facebook, Instagram, Youtube Live and Periscope.
  • Audio streaming apps: another type of mobile app development Dubai where users can listen to music without downloading it.
  • Video on Demand: this feature allows users to watch a movie or a TV series without downloading them on their devices. They can also rewind, forward, pause and play it whenever they want.


What you need to build a live streaming app:

  • Select a CDN: Content Delivery Network is a crucial part that scales your server. It is a must have that must be there even if you do not need it. although it costs a little more, it will benefit your mobile app development Dubai by providing content free from any interruptions.
  • Hosting matters the most: having a reliable host for mobile app development Dubai very vital. In order to create one that will be fault tolerant your hosting will have to be reliable for your media to stream smoothly for users. To ensure that your app gives quality video, you will have to have a solid server infrastructure and the development team at DXB apps is here just for this.
  • UI/UX design: appearance matters a lot. Users only use and return to those apps that create a good first impression. You must look at your competitors apps and opt for a design that’s attractive and usable.
  • Add your features: whether your app is native or hybrid it will need some key basic features. This will include:
  • Registration/subscription
  • Personal user profile
  • Online streaming/live shows
  • Active comments
  • A search panel
  • Server side in order to covert quality

So, what’s the wait for? Get in touch with the best development team at A2solutions apps and get your live streaming app in no time!

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