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What are the industries that lack in digital innovation ?

mobile application development Dubai



Since the advent of mobile app development Dubai and its growth, there have been numerous advancements in many sectors and industries however there are still some industries that have stunted their growth because they have failed to innovate. Many industries have strayed far from technological advancements and their benefits and have seen themselves fall behind tremendously. We have witnessed how literally everything has become internet based and has become digitally more vocal for everything from ordering groceries to booking car rides. Here are some industries that still lack digital innovation for mobile app development Dubai and need to update and upgrade their ways:

  1. Non-profit organizations:

Although charities do not aim to make any profits, they must make some form of revenue in order to stay afloat and continue their operations. Research widely shows that although a majority of the funds that non profit organizations acquire should be allocated to the causes they support, only 43% of these funds are actually used to fund these causes. This is why mobile app development Dubai is extremely important in order to make sure that the money people are putting towards charitable choices, is wisely used. A solution to this issue can be the formation of a portal that provides users with various options for charities where they can directly transfer their funds. This can even be done by charities themselves where they can provide an app and make it interactive so no funds are wasted and those in need directly receive them.


  1. Real estate:

Although the common perception is that buying and selling property is free of any technology, this is untrue. The $73 billion market is in dire need of catching up with digital innovations and advancements. Mobile app development Dubai, has made this possible. However, there is still some innovation that’s lacking, putting the industry behind. A solution to this is that landlords, realtors, tenants and other people can make use of an app that provides them with potential opportunities to search for property based on their particular use. In addition to this, mobile app development Dubai has seen a rise in smart homes, which is why this industry is also need of more innovations to maintain and provide people with greater options.


  1. Manufacturing industry:

With an unprecedented increase in demand for manufacturing industry, there is a serious need for innovations. Advanced materials are becoming increasingly popular and need advancements in the shape of mobile app development Dubai. Digitalization of machines and the materials used is a solution that can help this industry gain momentum and become more efficient. Sensors, alarms and other devices are some of the innovations that can be implemented in order to make this industry better and more productive and safer.


So, what are you waiting for? If you have a business belonging to any of the industries mentioned, A2solutions apps will provide you with the best mobile app development Dubai for them! Contact us for more!

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