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What are business bots?

Mobile app development Dubai



Mobile app development Dubai has seen a tremendous rise in the chat bot feature. Research has shown that most customers are more willing to chat with an automated bot instead of emailing or calling them. This enables better feedback and customers can better communicate with the software initially. In addition to this, mobile app development Dubai has also enabled convenience and speed with which customers issues can be solved so they don’t have to sit for hours on the phone in order to get connected to a customer representative. This has also solved a business’s problem of hiring more operators and has considerably reduced their costs of mobile app development Dubai. Here is everything and more that you need to know about business bots:


  1. What are business bots:

Business bots are a software that is designed to allow people to chat within apps on in a website. They are primarily known as conversational agents and act as representatives of the company. They enable automated customer communication which can then be followed up by a real representative of the company. Almost a decade ago many companies weren’t advanced enough to come up with this technology. However, due to a rise in mobile app development Dubai this is now possible.


  1. Utilize your business bots to collect insights:

When customers enter their buyer mode for mobile app development Dubai, that is the true representative of a brands ideal customer. Hence brands can use this to their advantage and work towards increasing customer retention for their brand. They can do so by digging into their personas and allowing chat bots to ask research questions at the end of a query. These questions can be related to a customer’s demographics or psychographics. These short surveys can provide great insights into the clientele for a brand and they can use this information to plan better.


  1. Use it to improve customer experience:

Customer experience is one of the most vital things for any brand and the way customers get in touch with contact points for your brand mattes the most. For many customers your app or website will be the first interaction and the support assistant you use will have to be flawless. They can instantly provide assistance which also improves the metrics of customer support in terms of the time rates for case resolution.


  1. Integrate your social media:

Now a days, in addition to greater business bots for mobile app development Dubai, businesses can integrate their social media in order to provide better and easier communication. An example of this is how online brands operating on Facebook can use messenger to chat with customers. They can feed in messages and responses and also monitor customers interests, likes, what they click on and how often they visit the page.


This is why A2solutions apps has you covered. Our professional development team will ensure your brand gets the best business bot so your profits and interaction can soar like no other!





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