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Tips for App Advertising and Empowering Mobile Marketing

mobile application development Dubai

Tips for App Advertising and Empowering Mobile Marketing

There are many ways of advertising an app by applying different strategies for marketing strategies. Most of the app publishers work through the use of some of the following channels for mobile app advertising. Find out more information and helpful tips with A2 Solutions, mobile app development Dubai. Here are some of the well-known app advertising channels.


  • Apple Search Ads is known to be a simple and efficient way of advertising iPad and iPhone apps in the stores.
  • Traditional advertising through media buying for in-app ads in order to get discount offers when apps are downloaded.
  • (ASO) App Store Optimization brings attention to the store page improvement and not just keyword optimization. It is a good idea for A/B testing the screenshots, short descriptions, icon along with other store elements.
  • PR can be done through launch parties, events, or interviews
  • Social media is a huge factor when it comes to advertising anything. Through the use of Twitter, Facebook or Instagram developers can advertise their app by posting paid ads on similar platforms.
  • Influencer endorsements have been on the rise as hundreds of influencers develop a huge following on different social media platforms. This would help when targeting a specific group of audience. Find more about how to find the right target audience through A2 Solutions, mobile app development Dubai.



App Store Advertising

Many new developers might wonder how to start the advertising for their apps which can be either for Apple Store, Android Google PlayStore, or both. There are many mobile marketing platform tools that help the developers operate customer involvement and the monetization of the apps. Find more information through A2 Solutions, mobile app development Dubai. You can build your own mobile app with the help of mobile app development Dubai.


Apple Search Advertisements for App Store Search Success

Apple has announced the App Store Search Ads launch with the iOS 10 back in 2016 which gave the publishers the chance for advertising their apps through the App Store itself. Find more information with the help of A2 Solutions, mobile app development Dubai. Around 65% of the downloads would come directly from the searches on App Stores which is why this step can be crucial when it comes to advertising the mobile app.

Developers can manually enter some keywords which have been passed on the Store battlefield test or even use the automatic Apple Search Match targeting as the method which can be enabled by default. There are many keyword expansion techniques that developers can look into. Start working on your own mobile app and look into some of the efficient advertising techniques along with increasing the number of downloads for your mobile app with the help of A2 Solutions, mobile app development Dubai. App Store Search is known to be the most promising and advanced mobile advertising technique method for iOS apps.

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