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mobile application development Dubai


The world of mobile app development Dubai has seen tech companies turn into a very dominant aspect of the digital world. From economic growth to more digital advancements taking place for mobile app development Dubai, these tech companies and majorly reshaped and redefined the way in which this industry runs. These tech giants engage in developmental research that costs billions of dollars every year, so it’s not foreign to expect that these are the market leaders in their respective sectors for digitization. With an increase in the pace, potential, and scope of mobile app development Dubai, these 5 tech giants have left everyone speechless with the kind of creativity and innovation they have shown. This article looks at 5 of the biggest tech companies for 2021 and how huge their impact has been:


  1. Apple

Broadly for the sector of mobile app development Dubai, Apple develops, produces, and markets a diverse variety of products for mobile electronics, including smartphones, personal computers, laptops, wearable devices, home entertainment devices, and more. Its iPhone smartphones and Mac computers are some of the most popular products. Apple has since increased its service revenue significantly. It manages digital video stores and has launched many subscription platforms recently, including Apple+, an on-demand entertainment content channel.


  1. Samsung

Another company soaring for mobile app development Dubai is Samsung. In main product areas, Samsung Electronics competes with Apple and other big tech firms worldwide. It is active in a wide variety of industries, including consumer electronics, communications, and information technology. Mobile phones, laptops, wearable devices, virtual reality goods, TVs and home theaters, computers, printers, home appliances, and more are sold by the South Korean company. For its famous line of Galaxy smartphones, Samsung is best known to be a leader in the market.


  1. Hon hai precision industry

For mobile app development Dubai, Hon Hai Precision, also referred to as Foxconn, is a multinational electronics maker based in Taiwan. The company manufactures electronics and electrical products for use in the IT, communications, aerospace, automotive, precision molding, and consumer electronics markets. Foxconn is a major partner in the supply chain of Apple, supplying a large proportion of its iPhones.



  1. Microsoft Corp

For the world of mobile app development Dubai, Microsoft is a multinational application, electronics, solutions, and services developer and licensor. The business is well known for its applications for Windows and Office Suite. The business is having an increasing share of its cloud computing benefit and sales and has developed its own cloud platform called Azure. LinkedIn, the popular social networking platform for job seekers, is also owned and run by Microsoft.

  1. Dell

Worldwide, Dell develops, produces, and sells electronics, information technology devices, and services. Desktop and laptop computers, conventional and next-generation storage systems, and networking devices are offered by the company. A cloud-native platform and cloud infrastructure tools are also sold by Dell. Its personal computers are Dell’s best-known products.

If you want to step into the tech world, the A2 solutions have all the help you need. Contact us for further information on what we offer for app development!

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