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mobile app development Dubai




Mobile app development Dubai is an innovative vertical that keeps on coming up with applications that are desired and demanded by millions. With more and more apps surging in the market for every industry, it is not strange to expect that this vertical will keep on increasing in potential and size considerably. Similarly, one app that users use and love in their daily lives is WhatsApp. Being one of the most convenient apps in the market for mobile app development Dubai, WhatsApp offers the best and most functional features in the industry. However, apart from what it offers visibly, WhatsApp also offers a few features that you may not be acquainted with. Yes, these hidden features can be a fun and expressive way to step up your texting game and make the most of your time. Here are some of the features that you can make use of for WhatsApp in 2021:

  1. Text formatting

For mobile app development Dubai, WhatsApp allows you to bold, italicize, and add a strikethrough to your text. To do this, you will have to add some special characters to your words to enable these options.


  1. Make your messages disappear

Recently Whatsapp introduced a feature for mobile app development Dubai, where you can turn on the disappearing messages option for specific chats. Doing this will then delete all your messaged chosen for a chat after 7 days.


  1. Star messages

Often times we want to save an important message however we don’t have a suitable option to do so. This is why WhatsApp offers its users with starring a message option by simply tapping on the star icon when you long-press a message. This provided great convenience for mobile app development Dubai.


  1. You can clear out storage easily

You can use this option in order to clear up data on your phone for mobile app development Dubai. for this go to settings – storage and data – manage storage to check the list of contacts shown. this will display who is using most of the data on your app and then you can selectively clear out the data you want for mobile app development Dubai.



  1. Hide your status

Knowing that people can see when you were online last can be daunting which is why you can turn this feature off by going to settings – account – privacy – last seen. From here you can choose who gets to view your last seen from Everyone, My Contacts or Nobody.


  1. Turn off read receipts

You can also turn off the blue ticks that appear for chats. This will prevent users for mobile app development Dubai from knowing that you have read their message. Open settings – account – privacy and uncheck the box that says ‘read receipts’.


So, if you want an app developed with hidden features like WhatsApp then A2 solutions is the right place for you. Our experts will make sure your app is developed with dedication and vigor so contact us for more information about our services!


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