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Mobile App Engagement and User Retention

Mobile App Engagement and User Retention

Strategies For Increasing Mobile App Engagement and User Retention

It’s simple to assume that user acquisition is that the central metric for determinative mobile app success, however, while not active users, high transfer rates mean nothing.

Mobile app engagement associated mobile app retention area unit 2 metrics that offer real insight into the success of an application. Low app engagement and retention area unit a formula for failure, whereas high engagement and retention equal the other.

Mobile App

Engagement – describes, however, active users are on the appliance. Whereas this is often a somewhat subjective metric, Localytics describes extremely engaged users as those who have 10+ sessions per month.

Retention – whereas once more a reasonably subjective term, the business benchmark is that the proportion of associate app’s users World Health Organization come to the app within three months of their 1st session.


The Engagement/User Retention Problem

Achieving sufficient mobile app engagement and user retention rates could be a troublesome task. In fact, user abandonment (apps used just one occasion and so abandoned) accounts for twenty third of users. Though there has been a small improvement in user abandonment rates since 2015, nearly 1 / 4 of users still desert applications soon. Moreover, if the associated app is opened just one occasion in seven days, there’s 60% probability it will never be opened once more. The fact is app developer’s square measure up against a competitive market during which users have plenty of selection.

  • Easier Onboarding
  • Push Notifications
  • Mobile Personalization
  • Incentivization
  • Product Iteration

At its core, A2solutions mobile app development method is meant to require the client’s vision and create it a reality. we offer rigorous, deep-dive product definition, strategy consultation, and products roadmapping to make associate unjust set up for the look, development, and delivery of the custom mobile applications.

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