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mobile application development Dubai

Books are essential in making us understand different aspects of life. By reading books, we gain many benefits and maintain good mental health. But we can not carry books wherever we go. Technology has become so advanced that we are able to access a library through our smartphones and mobile apps. Today’s generation prefers reading books when compared to earlier generations. Ebook apps allow users to read anything from anywhere. You can develop an Ebook app like Kindle with mobile application development Dubai.

Reading Ebook apps market is increasing very rapidly as it is in demand. You can get Ebook apps on any device such as smartphones and tablets. When you want an Ebook app like Kindle, it should allow users to buy, download the books, read it via any device. Let us know how to develop an Ebook app like Kindle with mobile application development Dubai.

What type of Ebook app?
First of all, you must understand what kind of Ebook app you need for its development, either a reading Ebook app or an online Ebook store app. You must know the difference between them.


Reading Ebook app allows users to read, add bookmarks, and highlight lines. It is available on all devices. Online Ebook app is a place for booksellers. They can sell digital copies of their books and earn money. Users can download and read books from their devices.


Understand the type
For the development of the Ebook app, it is necessary to understand what kind of people will use your app and what kind of books they would like to read. You must develop an app that is user-friendly. You must set a target audience of bookworms so that you can earn higher revenue.


Making money
You cannot let your app be available for free. You can make money with mobile application development Dubai and through the Ebook app with a mixed revenue system like Kindle. Subscriptions can also be added monthly/yearly. With this unlimited books can be read by the users.


If you are developing an Ebook app like Kindle, it should include features that are unique from other competitor apps. You can develop such unique features with mobile application development Dubai.


Search Filter
With the advanced search Filter, you can search your desired book by entering its name, author’s name, or genre. This will help users to explore more books through the app.


Library & Store Listing
When you develop an Ebook app like Kindle, store listing is a must-have feature. You can arrange the product listing in a user-friendly way. Whereas the library allows users to keep everything managed such as downloaded and unread books.


Personalized reading feature attracts more customers. App can be adjusted according to the users with the features like adding notes, font size, themes, dictionary, etc.

Cost of developing Ebook app
The cost of development depends upon the various factors such as process, developers, features, MVP, UI design and many more. It can cost almost $20,000 for the development of MVP.


Money and time investment is necessary for the development of an app. A2 solutions provide you the best service with effective results for your Ebook app development. You can gain more profits with mobile application development. For more assistance visit a2solutions.ae or call at +971505041860.

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