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Achieve the Highest Level of Email Security

Achieve the Highest Level of Email Security

Keep your Staff Educated

It can be all too easy to take email for granted, firing off sensitive content without any second thought but what would happen if an unauthorized third-party got hold of the information? Emails can contain everything from bank details to business plans, and many businesses have been sued after unwittingly broadcasting sensitive information to others. When you use the best software available and ensure that your staff is trained up on viruses, malware, and any other security threats you can ensure that email security levels are kept high. Of course, developments in email security are occurring all of the time, so it is important to stay aware of any threats that might be imminent.

Filtering Threats

538795_attachment_2[1]Encryption can be worth its weight of gold and means that even if an email is intercepted; its content is scrambled, ensuring that hackers are unable to make any sense of the content in it. Of course, problems can be caused by emails sent externally too, but by investing in a reputable filtering package you can keep unwanted email out of your network. Some companies have even invested in content filtering software which makes it impossible for material that could be deemed offensive to be circulated around the workplace.

Always Use a Secure Connection (SSL) When Retrieving Mail

For best security practices, your email provider or company should use a secure connection when retrieving mail.  If the email account you’re fetching mail from supports Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption, you can select this option when setting up your email client to have all information sent through a secured connection.

Email Was Not Designed With Privacy or Security in Mind

Encrypting the connection between you and your email provider means no one on the network in between can view email messages you send or receive.  Once the email reaches your recipient, however, and your recipient is on an email provider stores and transmits mail in plain text, there’s no telling whether your recipient will use a protected connection to receive or reply to your email.  The safest practice if you do not want any eyes on confidential information is to transmit messages over an alternate encrypted communication service or app that guarantees your privacy.

Backup and Archive your Email

Ensure that your email provider or company is backing up your email.  Archive your email at least yearly for performance and for the sake of keeping email records.

Shop Around

If you are looking for an email service and you’re not sure which email security packages to purchase, it can be a good move to read up on the various products and services available to you until you identify the right one for you.  This article, Microsoft Exchange: Onsite or Offsite, might help the company decision-makers to review the pros and cons of onsite and hosted email.  It is also important to consider the facility to secure large file transfer when investigating the best secure email service. To achieve the utmost level of network security within the whole of your operations, you can contact an IT contractor to visit your premises to perform a full IT audit. Weaknesses can stem from various parts of a network and can be found in the form of inferior software and badly-configured hardware, to name but two. A high-quality IT auditor will be able to identify anything that could possibly be exploited, enabling you to close every potential loophole.

Stay Up To Date

When email security software is installed, it’s always wise to ensure that automatic updates are turned on too, in order for your business to constantly defend itself from the various threats that are being discovered all the time. Keep your workforce informed on your IT regulations and you should find that your IT framework stays prosperous.


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