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Sportspersons can’t live without activities and they would love to have their sports equipment and facilities. Playing in the rented field is very difficult to find. Sportspersons are engaged in training and skill development all the time. It will be a tiring job for the sports persons to find and book sportsfield. This is just waste of time for them. For this problem, there is a solution and it is a mobile app for sports ground reservation. With mobile application development Dubai, you can book sportsground and can rent sports facilities and equipments too. Mobile application development Dubai understands this idea and helps in developing an app for reservation of sports ground.


Target audience

The most important step for a mobile app is to understand the requirements of their target audience and for sports ground reservation app, our target audience is sportsperson. Creating an app is a big decision. So, you must be aware of what you are doing and how you are doing. In the beginning, you can make a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) and then you can develop a complete app. The advantage is MVP costs less and you can easily alter the changes you need. This will help you gain benefit and fulfill the needs of target audience.

●     Clients


  1. Business

Business clients regularly host their corporate events, company parties, etc. So, you can target event managers, HR managers. With this, you can attract such audience and can minimise the features so that it is easier for them to book a sports ground without wasting the time.


  1. Private

Private kinds are those who reserve bookings occasionally. For this audience you can add more features as they take more time in finding a perfect place. You can add images of sports equipments and facilities, prices with specific time rate, instant booking service, geolocation, feedback and push notifications. This features can benefit you in attracting more customers with mobile application development Dubai.


Different sports type

When we focus on the target audience,we should also consider different types of sports. we should focus on the sports which are more popular and among which age group people. According to a study, football is the most preferred sport. We can target people who would love to play football by providing them the required facilities for the football.

Facilities and amenities

For better user experience you can provide more facilities. Gym rentals and professional trainers are the best option. As we know, we all want to live a fitness life and what better than providing a gym. You can add features such as trainer profiles, gym pictures and videos, feedback option, comment section and price list. This will attract more customers.



Your mobile app can also get profits from advertising, sponsored offers & content along with in-app purchases with mobile application development Dubai. Sports is a very beneficial industry.

With all these features and strategies a mobile app can be beneficial for sports ground reservation. And for the best results, you can approach A2solutions apps. With mobile application development Dubai you can develop an excellent mobile app for sports ground reservation. With A2solutions apps you can get all the possible results which will be profitable.


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