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How mobile app is developed for stock market?

The time when investors called up their brokers is long gone and the era of digitization and mobile app development Dubai has led to an increase in demand for stock market apps as well.

Due to a surge in mobile app development Dubai, demand for many types of applications has risen. Be it social media apps or those that provide the best utility, these apps are now an integral part of people’s daily lives. Similarly, due to economic growth and a rise in investments in the country, mobile app development Dubai has tremendously risen for stock market apps. Investors from all over the world now use handy mobile applications where they can manage their portfolio and by or sell stock within seconds. The time when investors called up their brokers is long gone and the era of digitization and mobile app development Dubai has led to an increase in demand for stock market apps as well. Here is how you can develop an app for the stock market:

  1. The must have features for a stock market app:

There a few key features that are very essential to stock market apps. These can include:

  • User profile
  • Real time portfolios
  • Deposits
  • Search bars
  • Check in process
  • Analytics for real data on the app
  • Notifications and updates
  • Bars/charts and trends
  • Updated information


  1. Formulate an approach:

For the most effective mobile app development Dubai, you will have to come up with a development approach. You could use managed services like ‘Platfrom as a service’ (PaaS) and MBaaS platforms to initiate your app. In addition to this, you will need to develop API’s for the core features mentioned above and also non-core features lie hourly updates.


You will also have to provide user with maximum security since your application will have to be synced with the user’s bank details and for efficient mobile app development Dubai, breaches and mistakes will have to be spent the most time on. They can also cost your business a lot.


  1. The team you will need for development:

For the best mobile app development Dubai, you will need the following professionals:

  • JS developers for development
  • Android developers for Java script
  • Swift developers for iOS development
  • Testers for the app
  • UI/UX designers for a user friendly interface
  • Devops Engineers

Your team will have to be extremely professional and cohesive in order to make sure your app has no issues and becomes a hit with its users instantly.

  1. The interface:

One of the most vital things for mobile app development Dubai of such functional apps is the interface. For your app to be remembered it must be usable, detectable, fast, smooth and user friendly. Your users must be able to find everything they need instantly. Then this must be tested with potential users in order to prevent any lags or mistakes. Moreover, material design and human interface guidelines will have to be designed and developed in the most efficient manner for smooth running.


So, if you’re looking to get an app like this made then A2solutions   apps is the best solution in town. Contact our professional team of developers in order to get an app that is a hot with everyone who uses it!


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