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Five key areas to secure enterprise mobile application

mobile app development Dubai

Mobile app security is the extent of protection that mobile device applications (apps) have from malware and the activities of crackers and other criminals.

Mobile Applications are vulnerable to data sharing threats. Most of the mobile application development Dubai companies do not consider application security as one of the major elements. In today’s time, all applications can be compromised, and people can capture the data from the apps.

To protect mobile applications from security threats, A2 Solutions always concentrate on the below five areas to secure your enterprise mobile application;


Mobile device management

Mobile security starts with the device, and each mobile operating system—from iOS to Android—requires a different approach for hardening the device itself.


Wrapping your apps

We securely deploy the apps through “app wrapping”. App wrapping segments the app from the rest of the device by encapsulating it in a miniature, managed environment.


App authentication

We apply user authentication through a combination of Two-factor authentication asking for a user ID and password  and a second validation, such as a PIN generated on user’s mobile phone.


Hardening the OS

The fourth level of security we apply is to harden mobility.


It’s all about APIs

We always ensure to apply security to APIs. We use APIs to manage data & use them for web, Android, iOS, and Windows development.


A2 Solutions,mobile app development Dubai takes extra measures in designing and developing  secured mobile applications for your business. We make sure to deploy the applications with utmost security which eliminates the security breach threats.

To build a secured enterprise mobile application in UAE, contact our team today.

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