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Can mobile apps check oxygen levels?

According to the latest mobile app development Dubai, smartphones are not a reliable source of checking oxygen because they only have one white light which can distort a reading

Mobile app development Dubai has been extremely popular in the social and utilities vertical and now it is also taking the health world by storm. Not only are applications for health becoming more popular, they are also being developed to become highly advanced in order to provide more accurate and precise results. However, there are still some limitations to such applications since they do not possess the full functional technology to assess data that’s inside out body. An example of such an application is the oxygen monitor apps. Although these apps are extremely helpful and useful, they are still inaccurate.

Why are these apps not to be trusted?

Many researchers for mobile app development Dubai have said that these apps don’t work well because most of them use a mechanism that is different from medical oximetry devices, the proper devices send two wavelengths of light that are red and infrared through your fingertip where you have a large amount of blood clos to the skin surface. The hemoglobin that has protein that carries oxygen in your blood takes in higher infrared light when it has more oxygen and more red light when its not. The device then uses this information to determine the amount of oxygen circling your blood.

Why are smartphones not reliable?

According to the latest mobile app development Dubai, smartphones are not a reliable source of checking oxygen because they only have one white light which can distort a reading. Samsung smartphones do have a red light which helps in better detection however they are said to be unreliable as well.

In addition to this, mobile app development Dubai has noted that oximetry devices send in blood signals from one area that is the finger and the results developed are read from the sensor placed on the other side of the device whereas smartphone applications send and read the light sensors from the same area and rely heavily on reflection of the captured wavelengths.

What other options are reliable?

Mobile app development Dubai has seen immense growth in smart watches and applications for that. some models of Garmin and Fitbit watches have pulse oximetry features. They can track these during your sleep and also provide you with on the spot results. They do make us of red light however the reflective method used is less accurate and because they use blood flow information from the wrist, the readings may be inaccurate because the flow is not strong enough in this part. Both these companies also have this on their website that this information is not be used for any medical purposes.

Therefore, for these reasons these applications should not be trusted as they can trigger a false sense of security and make people ignore their health due to inaccurate readings. If you’re looking for an application that will benefit your users during their workouts and sleep cycles, then A2solutions apps is the answer. Our team of professionals is famous for mobile app development Dubai and will give you the best service in town!






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