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Digitization for mobile app development Dubai in the vertical of social health and services, has become exceedingly successful and now it is also taking the health world by storm. Not only are health apps becoming more common, but they are also being developed to become technologically sophisticated and have more detailed and reliable outcomes. However, such applications do have some drawbacks because they do not have the maximum functional technologies to test inside-out body data. Oxygen monitor systems are an instance of such a program. Although these apps are particularly useful and helpful, they are also unreliable.


  1. Why can we not trust these apps

Many mobile app development Dubai experts have said that these applications do not perform well because most of them use a system that varies from medical oximetry devices, the correct devices transmit two red and infrared wavelengths of light into the fingertip where you have a huge volume of blood near the surface of the skin. If it has more oxygen and more red light when it doesn’t, the hemoglobin that has protein containing oxygen in the blood takes in higher infrared light. This knowledge is then used by the system to calculate the amount of oxygen that circulates in the blood.


  1. Why can we not trust smart phones?

Smartphones are not a good source of oxygen balance because they have only one white light that can blur a reading, according to the new research for mobile app development Dubai. Samsung smartphones may have a red light that allows to detect them better, but they are often claimed to be unreliable.

In addition, mobile app development Dubai has noted that oximetry devices transmit blood signals from one region of the finger and the results are read from the sensor mounted on the other side of the device, whereas smartphone apps send and read light sensors from the same area and rely heavily on reflection of the wavelengths collected.


  1. Other options?

Mobile app development Dubai for smartphone technology has seen tremendous growth in smart watches and apps for that. There are pulse oximetry capabilities of some versions of Garmin and Fitbit watches. During your sleep, they will watch them and even provide you with results on the spot. However, the fluorescent system used is less reliable because since they use blood pressure details from the hand, the measurements could be unreliable because the flow in this portion is not good enough. All of these organizations also provide this information on their website because it is not used for any medicinal reasons.


Therefore, these apps can not be trusted for these purposes, since they can trigger a false sense of protection and lead people to neglect their wellbeing because of incorrect readings. A2 solutions are the solution if you’re searching for an application that can support the customers during their exercises and sleep cycles. Our team of experts are known for mobile app development Dubai and will offer you the best service in town!

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