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In the world full of smartphone users, mobile apps are playing a major role in their lives.
These mobile apps have become so important for us that we can't live without them. From
waking up in the morning till we fall asleep, from ordering food to exercising, everything is
done through these smartphones and mobile apps.
Now it has become important for the mobile application development Dubai to fulfill all the
needs of the users. Mobile application development Dubai is here to convert an idea into a
functional mobile app for your business. What all you need is dedication, research and
undying efforts and mobile application development Dubai makes it a big achievement.
Before that you should look at some successful mobile app stories for your knowledge and
betterment about mobile app development.

● Instagram
Instagram , founded by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, achieved meteoric success
as soon as it was launched. It had more than 100,000 users within just a week of its
release. Due to its unique features and excellent sharing capability it gained instant
success and of course due to the efforts of its founders. For $1 billion, it was bought
by facebook

● Snapchat
Snapchat is widely popular among millennials. According to a study in 2014,
millennials use Snapchat more than Twitter. Snapchat has made a big change by
adding photo lenses to make it more fun to take more selfies. Snapchat was smart
enough to add them. From this, we can know that you shouldn't be afraid to make a
change when you are smart enough.

● WhatsApp
Founded by Brian Acton and Jan Koum, WhatsApp is the most used messaging app
today. It is popular across a billion people. All because of ease, speed and quick
resort, WhatsApp enables people to keep the track of their messages. When
Facebook took over it, WhatsApp made $19 billion. WhatsApp is the envious
inspiration for today's business enthusiasts.

● Uber
Uber is the most electrifying app as the way people book and make travel
arrangements. Uber was created by Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp in 2008.
Today, Uber is the most used taxi services app in the world. With advanced features,
it is now equipped with services like UberCHOPPER, UberEATS, and UberBOAT.

● Prisma
Prisma is one of the most exciting photo editing apps. It made editing enjoyable
activity. It enables users to use unique filters.

● UC Browser
UC browser is a powerful name when it comes to the world of mobile browsing. It had
more than 400 million users in 2016. Through years of efforts and experimentation
UC browser has such colossal success.

● Appbot
Appbot helped developers gain more downloads and positive reviews more
efficiently. This app was downloaded more because of being the original app concept
that has achieved huge success.

● Quotes
The Quote app has recently gained popularity among people who can share and
develop their original quotes. It is the best app to engine your creativity.

● Streaks
For people who are willing to follow their goals with progress and monitoring, streaks
come handy.

● Lisk
Lisk has the most inspiring mobile app success story. This enables the encryption of
the number of transactions to ensure they are secure.
Mobile application development Dubai is a growing industry where it is possible yet
challenging to create a mobile app. A2solutions   apps gives a precious opportunity for businesses

develop such mobile apps to earn more profits. Mobile application development Dubai makes all this possible.


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