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Guide to Mobile App Development: Web vs. Native vs. Hybrid

Guide to Mobile App Development: Web vs. Native vs. Hybrid

Depending on your business objectives and overall goals, this call might build or break the success of your mobile strategy. Once deciding to make your app as either web, native, or hybrid, there are kind of factors you wish to contemplate. The aim of this article isn’t to decide on a winner. Instead, we compare the 3 approaches, outlining the benefits from the stand of a corporation wanting to develop a mobile app.

Web Applications

Web browsers host web applications. However are web applications completely different from a website? a website usually provides users with plenty a lot of data that is sensible to show in a very mobile site, whereas a web application condenses this data to enhance functionality.
Web applications, however, don’t have to be compelled to be downloaded from application stores like mobile applications. Web applications load in browsers like Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. A web application additionally doesn’t take up storage on the user’s device.


  • Easy to create
  • Easy to keep up
  • An Inexpensive choice
  • Build one app for all platforms – iOS, Android, etc. as long because it will run a browser


Native Mobile Applications

Native mobile apps are the foremost common sort of application engineered for specific platforms and area unit are written in languages that the platform accepts, as an example, Swift and Objective-C for iOS apps and Java for native android apps. Native apps also are engineered exploitation the particular Integrated Development surroundings (IDE) for the given operational systems.


  •  Native application is very fast and responsive as a result of they are built on that specific platform
  •   They have the most effective performance
  •   They are distributed in app stores
  •   They are a lot of interactive, intuitive and run abundant power tool in terms of user input and output
  •   Native permits developers to access the total feature set of their given platform with no matter performance        optimizations the native system has
  •   Internet connection isn’t needed, though it depends on the practicality
  •   Overall higher user expertise. To the user, the flow is a lot of natural as they need specific UI standards for           every platform

Hybrid Mobile App

The hybrid application works across platforms and behaves like a native application. A hybrid app is actually a combination of a native application and a web application. Users will install it on their device sort of a native application however it’s truly a web application. These forms of apps area unit built with Javascript, HTML, and CSS and run in Webview.
Hybrid application development will basically do everything HTML5 will, except it additionally incorporates native application options. This is often potential when you deploy a wrapper to act as a bridge between platforms to access the native options.
A hybrid application consists of 2 elements. The primary is that the back-end code designed exploitation languages like hypertext mark-up language, CSS, and Javascript. The second may be a native shell that is downloadable and masses the code exploitation Web view.


  • Built on web technology HTML/ CSS/ Javascript, therefore, it’s a lot of easier to make
  • Cheaper than a native app
  • One app for all platforms victimisation technology like Cordova
  • No browser required opposition an online app
  • Have access to the device’s internal genus Apis, will access storage, camera, etc.
  • Faster to develop than native apps as a result of you have one code base


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