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Geofencing For Mobile Apps

Geofencing For Mobile Apps

Mobile could be a more challenging marketing channel to master. On average, 4% of your mobile users will continue to use our application after 1 year. It’s distinctive – continuously at consumer’s arm’s reach, however delicate in this it’s terribly personal and doesn’t tolerate spam.

For this reason, the world of mobile promoting is moving towards additional relevant, discourse targeting. Location and time are among the foremost vital parts once it involves mobile and its context. Mobile is (as its name indicates) continuously on the move and so an inherently location-based channel.

As a result, technologies that taps into location-based promoting, like geofencing and beacons, have gotten a lot of and a lot of popular with businesses.

Geofencing For Mobile Apps

What Is Geofencing?

Geofencing may be a technology that allows mobile apps to require advantage of location-based marketing. This technology will facilitate marketers collect information and have interaction app users as they enter, leave or keep in sure geographical areas, additionally referred to as geofences.

A geofence may be a virtual fence around a real-world location, sort of a restaurant or associate degree field. Geofences will vary in scale and form – they’ll be as tiny as a store or as huge as a city; they will be spherical for additional easy use cases or polygon-shaped for additional complicated things.

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What Can Marketers Do With Geofencing?

There are lots of various ways that a marketer will use geofencing. To change, we’ll say that the bulk of geofencing use cases boil all the way down to either interacting with app users inside an outlined space or learning concerns their offline behaviors from location knowledge.

  • Increase traffic by sending promotional offers to shoppers as they pass stores
  • Suggest products supported previous in-app behaviors
  • Improve client service by capturing feedback, or opening lines of communication between app users and business management
  • Integrate social sharing to spice up complete awareness
  • Geo-conquest competitors by building fences around rival locations and push incentivized content to direct shoppers


Geofencing could be a profitable tool for connecting with customers. By developing associate app with geofencing technology, you offer your business a competitive edge. If done properly, this selling plan of action will build loyalty, generate time period engagement, and maximize path-to-purchase conversions.

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